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  • Genesis Day One Ltd.

    The Day One LTD brings all the associated benefits of the Day One 20 along with rear rack and full dynamo lighting. Returning a similar range to a conventional double setup (30-92 gear inch…

    Out of stock
    £1.083.33 Ex. £1,299.99
  • Genesis Day One 20

    The Day One 20 brings all the associated benefits of singlespeed riding with it's single, ultra-efficient optimised chainline and adds the practicality of Shimano's Nexus 8sp internal…

    £791.66 Ex. £949.99
  • Genesis Day One 10

    With its efficient, low-maintenance singlespeed drivetrain and powerful consistent disc brakes, the Day One 10 might just represent the ideal urban commuter. One speed to rule them all! Wit…

    £583.33 Ex. £699.99
  • Genesis Zero Disc 1

    Combining our carbon fibre learnings from the Zero and the much loved ‘race geometry’ from the Volare, there Zero Disc is the perfect choice for roadies that want the latest technology.

    £2,199.99 RRP £1.666.66 Ex. £1,999.99
  • Genesis Zero Disc 2

    Stealthy looks combined with Shimano's cracking 105 groupset, the Zero Disc 2 is the perfect bike for the cyclist that likes to fly under the radar. Don't let the subtle aesthetics…

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    £2,199.99 RRP £1.374.99 Ex. £1,649.99
  • Genesis Zero Disc 3

    The Zero Disc is the combination of years of feedback, learning and manufacturing. Race ready straight out of the box, the Zero Disc 3 combines faultess shifting and braking via the…

    £2,899.99 RRP £2.166.66 Ex. £2,599.99
  • Genesis Zero Disc I

    The crème de la crème, the best of the best, the top of the tree. The Zero Disc I combines the best techincal wizardry from Shimano with a superlative chassis. If youre looking for a…

    £3,299.99 RRP £2.499.99 Ex. £2,999.99
  • Genesis Equilibrium Disc 10

    Traditional meets contemporary here with our classic Equilibrium steel frame bought bang-up-to-date with the addition of disc brakes. Keen to pass-on the much-loved riding traits from the c…

    £1.249.99 Ex. £1,499.99
  • Genesis Equilibrium Disc 20

    A classic steel frame with updated performance to leave no sportive unturned! The Equilibrium Disc 20 is one for the Sportive riders. The steel frame provides all day comfort and the carbon…

    £1.666.66 Ex. £1,999.99