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  • Rock Machine Storm e70-29

    A popular 29“ e-bike featuring a powerful Sport Drive mid-motor, a semi-integrated battery with a capacity of 500 Wh, and guaranteed range around 100 km*. The geometry of the…

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    £1.915.83 Ex. £2,299
  • Haibike Trekking 4 Mid

    With the new Trekking 4 Lowstandover and its extra comfortable geometry, you are well prepared for longer rides. The powerful Yamaha PW-TE motor gives you the boost you need for many…

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    £2,599.00 RRP £1.749.17 Ex. £2,099
  • Ridgeback Electron+ Grey

    More people are turning to E-bikes as a viable transport solution Capable of transporting riders and luggage over roads that would be challenging without the smooth pedal assistance, E-ride…

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    £2,599.99 RRP £1.666.66 Ex. £1,999.99
  • Ridgeback Electron S3

    Effortlessly taking you from A to B, the S3 is our highest specification Electron ever. Further building upon our successful unisex frame design, the S3 utilises an internally mounted 504Wh…

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    £3,499.99 RRP £2.499.99 Ex. £2,999.99