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  • Genesis Datum FS

    It's for Gravel. It's for road. It's a Ravel bike! The rear cut out in the seat tube means you can run 35c tyres with 45mm mudguards and maintain a 420mm chainstay, keeping the handling on…

    £1.249.99 Ex. £1,499.99
  • Genesis Croix de Fer Ti FS

    Like the idea of the infinitely capable and supremely versatile Croix de Fer in a lighter, faster package but have your own ideas regarding the 'perfect build'? Maybe utilising the…

    £1.749.99 Ex. £2,099.99
  • Genesis Croix de Fer 725 FS

    Have something a little different in mind vs. our stock offered CdF builds? 1X or triple drivetrain? Then the frameset option is the way to go! The steel fork gets swapped back-in for more…

    £416.66 Ex. £499.99
  • Genesis Fugio FS

    Build it your way. The perfect blank canvas to really get your creative juices flowing!

    £666.66 Ex. £799.99
  • Genesis Tour de Fer FS

    Build the touring bike of your dreams. The trusted and durable Reynolds 725 Tour de Fer frameset is the perfect platform to create the touring bike of your dreams. Build it your way as you…

    Out of stock
    £416.66 Ex. £499.99
  • Genesis Vagabond FS

    "That sweet middle ground between a cyclocross bike and a 29'er that makes it the best all-around bike one can build" There's good reason why this type of bike is often only the result of c…

    £374.99 Ex. £449.99