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Westhill Ghost Blue and White

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Westhill Ghost Blue and White


The new Ghost electric bike is the latest in electric bike design. Travel further, sweat less and be confident. The classic mountain bike frame contains the battery to give a sleek appearance. The control panel has been updated to feature a modern LCD screen which allows you to control all aspects of the bike; from speed to switching on the headlights. Distance can be monitored, both for the current trip and miles ridden overall. Another handy feature allows you to see how many miles left you have on the battery, ensuring you can reach your destination.

Central control panel

Adjustable levels of speed/assistance

Max speed of 25km/h

Travel up to 55 km per charge

Disk brakes front and rear

Shimano gears (21 speeds)

Walk assist mode – to power the bike as you walk

Front suspension

Front and rear lights

19" Aluminium alloy frame – For riders 5ft2" and taller

Quick release front wheel

* 55km is an estimated figure based on ideal test conditions. The range will vary depending on the conditions the bike is ridden in e.g. the weight the bike is carrying, level of battery assistance, steepness of hills etc.


Model: GHOST
Dimensions: 1830 x 630 x 1098 mm
Wheel Diameter: 698.5 mm
Wheelbase: 1148 mm
Max Rider Weight: 125 kg
Max Speed: 25 km/h
Range Per Charge: *50 - 55 km
Weight: 19 kg
Saddle to handlebar length: 85 cm

Battery Specification:
Capacity: 300Wh (optional 400Wh batteries are available at additional cost)
Type: Samsung Lithium-ion
Rated Voltage: 36 v

Motor Specifications:
Type: Brushless
Rated Power: 250 w
Rated RPM: 195 RPM
Rated Voltage: 36 v
Rated Output Torque: 40 n.m

Under Voltage Value: 31.5 ± .05 v
Over Current Value: 15 ± 0.5 A

Charger Specifications:
Input: 100-240 V, 47-63 HZ
Output: 36 v - 2 A