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Elite Qubo Digital smart B FE-C trainer

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Elite Qubo Digital smart B FE-C trainer


Designed specifically for use with a smartphone or tablet, the Qubo Digital Smart features a wirelessly controlled 16-level resistance unit that can be paired with a compatible Android or iOS device via Bluetooth or ANT

Includes a 6 month subscription to Elite's fully featured My E-training app but can also be used with many third party software options giving you a huge varierty of training options

Cutting edge Qubo frame offers wider footprint with adjustable feet for improved stability and lower bike height for easier mounting

No need to calibrate roller pressure, the rider's weight presses the tyre into the roller, meaning automatic adjustment and easy set-up

The Qubo frame also repositions the rear drive unit to allow use with fat-tyred 29ers

Advanced magnetic drive unit gives 16-levels and generates a wide range of resistances for all levels of rider and training program without generating high levels of noise or vibration

ElastoGel roller has improved tyre grip, lower noise and vibration

Power supply comes with multiple international adaptors, perfect for those on the move

Works with any ANT or Bluetooth heart rate belt (not included)

Includes spare Q/R for those using Mavic or similar non-compatible Q/R skewers