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Elite Kura direct drive smart B fluid trainer with power meter

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Elite Kura direct drive smart B fluid trainer with power meter


The Kura; for when accuracy is everything

Integrated Optical Torque System (OTS) power meter by Ergomo is exclusive to Elite trainers and is certified to be accurate to within less than 1% making it the most accurate power measuring system available to the public

All Kuras are tested and calibrated before shipping using an Lorenz industrial torque meter, once calibrated an occasional software-based recalibration is all that's required, no sending your trainer back for recalibration

Super powerful, smooth and quiet fluid resistance unit, the faster you go the harder it gets, just use your gears just as you would when out riding

4.5 KG internal flywheel is geared up for high RPM's, generating a far smoother feel than conventional flywheels

Comes with a free lifetime subscription to Elite's My Etraining APP

Connects to your wireless Android or iOS device by both ANT and Bluetooth Smart

Internal generator powers the sensors and transmitters, meaning the Kura does not require mains power and can be used anywhere

Folds down for easy portage and storage

Comes with a 9/10/11 speed compatible Shimano freehub, Campag users will require adaptor TT14233

Compatible with 130 and 135 Q/R rear ends, as well as 142 x 12 thru-axles