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Light and Motion Vis 180 Micro Rear Light

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Light and Motion Vis 180 Micro Rear Light


The Vis 180 Micro is all about redefining safety and making it convenient

This tiny rechargeable tail-light puts out 25 lumens in a wide reach of red and amber light, creating a 180 degree shield of visibility


25 Lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard

Engineered with the highest level CREE LED and enhanced firmware

Dual LED array to maximize visibility

Accurate battery status indicator with 4 status levels

Custom engineered reflectors and optical solutions optimize the light to distribute red and amber light a full 180 degrees

Secondary LED spreads amber light for 180 degrees of visibility

Simple ratchet in/out adjustability

Simple tool-free mounting system - easy to take on and off

Integrated clip for attaching to backpack or messenger bag

MicroUSB Rechargeable (Fully charges in 2.5 hours)

Low battery warning and auto shut-off to prevent damage

Multiple power settings, HiPulse - 6 hrs, Med solid - 4 hrs, LoPulse - 13 hrs, Paceline amber - 20 hrs

Ultralight system weight you won't even notice 61 grams