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Garmin Varia Rear Facing Radar Tail Light

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Garmin Varia Rear Facing Radar Tail Light


One of the new Varia line of smart cycling devices from Garmin

First rearview radar system for bikes that warns of vehicles approaching from the rear up to 140 metres

Works independently or wirelessly connects with compatible Garmin Edge cycling computers

Edge computer or handlebar-mounted Varia head unit indicates when one or more vehicles are approaching from the rear

Riders alerted to relative speed of approaching vehicles and how close they are

Tail light unit brightens and flashes to notify approaching traffic of a cyclist ahead

Vehicles approaching from the rear is the number one cause of bike/vehicle fatalities in the United States


APPROACHING VEHICLE INDICATION - The Radar Display Unit (RDU) and compatible Edge cycling computer indicate up to eight approaching vehicles from behind, giving the cyclist information about the distance and rate of approach

RDU informs the rider with an LED interface; Edge devices use an overlay of the current data screen

AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENTS - The tail light brightens and blinks when approaching vehicles are detected for an extra measure of safety

THREAT LEVEL INDICATOR - Indicates the relative speed of approach and distance of one or more vehicles at a time

Tail light only version includes - Varia radar tail light (RTL 500), Varia seatpost quarter-turn mount, Varia universal seatpost quarter-turn mount, microUSB cable, manuals