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We are the complete bicycle specialists based in Penzance, Cornwall and delivering throughout the UK. We sell a wide range of mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes and BMX – online and instore. New stock will be added all the time, so if you want it: search for it and we’ll add all popular requests. So, whatever kind of cycling you do: racing, commuting, or off-road, we have what you need right here.

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  • Our best-selling, genre-defying dropbar bike returns for 2015. There's increased gear range (11-32T cassette), better riding, comfier curved fork blades, upgraded TRP Spyre brakes with dual…

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    £708.33 Ex. £849.99
  • VDO presents a new product line – the M series VDO M4 compact housing but a large display The VDO M4 is a model specifically aimed at the target group of road bike riders and impresses w…

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    £66.67 Ex. £80.00
  • MEKK are committed to providing our riders with the perfect bike for any competition. So we've been working hard for the last 24 months on completing our all-new low-pro speed chassis. MEKK…

    £1.250.00 Ex. £1,500
  • The emphasis of Trekking bikes is on comfort, visibility and protection from the elements. Most of them are fitted with 700c wheels and with wider tyres and rims. These tyres are…

    £208.33 Ex. £249.99
  • VDO presents a new product line – the M series VDO M6 the expandable all-rounder with altitude measurement and trip memory The VDO M6 is a true all-rounder, offering all bike functions p…

    £83.33 Ex. £100.00
  • As you might've already deduced from our thoroughly un-original naming (sorry, the project name kind of stuck), the Tour de Fer uses the ever-popular tried-and-tested Croix de Fer frame…

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    £749.99 Ex. £899.99

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  • A great looking road bike, it has an alloy frame and carbon forks. STI shifters as standard offer great value at a very competitive price..

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    £449.99 RRP £333.33 Ex. £399.99
  • An entry level ladies road bike with STI shifters.

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    £399.99 RRP £299.99 Ex. £359.99
  • Entry into the Mekk world comes in the form of the lightweight aluminium Pinerolo. We believe that just because a bike has a budget price tag it shouldn’t have a budget ride. So whether y…

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    £550.00 RRP £375.00 Ex. £450.00
  • Quite simply, our much acclaimed Equilibrium road platform in a limited production run, no-holds barred, full Reynolds 853 package. A bit of a return for us in that the original 2008 Equili…

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    £749.99 RRP £499.99 Ex. £599.99
  • You'll feel the difference - nothing rides like a Trek Top-level spec for advanced performance over the long haul Light, sleek, ride-tuned Alpha Aluminium frame Front and rea…

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    £750.00 RRP £541.67 Ex. £650.00
  • There's good reason why the Equilibrium has been a staple in our range for many a year now. The steel-framed, genre-defining model represents the perfect one bike for any tarmac…

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    £1,099.99 RRP £583.33 Ex. £699.99